Paul Eckel, CEO

Paul has been involved in the hedge fund industry over the past 25 years as a hedge fund Co-founder, COO, Marketer and Trader.

In his role as a COO Consultant, Paul has managed the launch of over 25 hedge funds.  Since 2007, he has been the COO Consultant for the hedge fund operation of Ray Kurzweil, a pioneer in the field of A.I.

Emerging Manager launched Crypto EmergingManager in early 2017 to provide capital raising and COO Consulting services to managers in this new asset class.

Paul began his career in the early '90s as an Options Trader at Caxton Corporation and in the quant group at Moore Capital.

Paul is a board member of the Emerging Managers Association.

EM partnered with a private equity investor in 2009.

"Crypto Marketer of the Year" - Battle of the Cryptos, 2021

"Best Marketing Consultant" - HFMConnect, 2021

"Quant Marketer of the Year" - Battle of the Quants

"Marketer of the Year" - Opal Financial Group

"Best Marketer & Consultant" - CTA Intelligence

"Emerging Manager Solutions Firm of the Year" - Acquisition Int'l

"20 Rising Stars of Hedge Funds" - Institutional Investor Magazine